SO THIS HAPPENED: Actor Hill Harper goes out of his way to plug a book by purposely misgendering 13 year old Zaya Wade…yes Really

So yesterday as the 13 year old was celebrating their birthday Stepmother Gabrielle Union makes a post … and then this happens :

Harper repeatedly emphasizes he/him vibes. He starts with Young man proceeds to instruct Zaya to read a book called “Letters to a Young Brother”

I don’t know about you but that was a lot of WTF in just a few little words.
There’s so much to unpack.

First of all … how old are you ?

I asked that because do you feel like you want to hear somebody whether they agree or not come at you like that when you were 13? On the one day that children and teens are always anxious and excited for? Probably not.

And secondly who are you and why do you feel like you have the space to do this?

And you didn’t just play it safe. You could’ve just referred to her as Zaya. You could’ve even used neutral pronouns. But you specifically and intentionally didn’t.

I heard that you were friends with Barack Obama and I hope that he’s giving you a real nice WTF talk right now.

Stay in your lane and allow Zaya to grow and blossom however they see fit. Stay in your lane and let Dwayne & Gabrielle raise their children.

Now let’s get into some of the folks who showed up for Zaya :

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