The Juice with Maven Lee : “GAME OVER NOW” is what police said before opening fire on local Gay Bar in Carolina giving water to protesters

In a shocking video being circulated online a local LGBTQ+ bar owner and staff seem to be unnecessarily shot at by local police for attempting to support protesters.
The local LGBT+ bar was passing out water, snacks, and even set up a first aid station for protestors.

The day before this incident transpired the local bar was vandalized with a white supremacist symbol and broken windows. So the owner and staff decided to stay Sunday and perhaps prevent folks from doing more harm to the business.

So while at the building to ensure no additional vandalism they also extended support to protesters. According to Lemuel they had been there for almost 7 hours, before police came.

We the police arrive according to what we see in the video posted the officers can be heard shouting “Move!”

After the police shout you then hear “This is my business, I rent this place.” From bar owner Lemuel

The officer responds again with : You’ve been told. I don’t care where you go, you gotta go.”

And shortly after things seem to take a completely irrational and unnecessary turn.

The officer yells … “ The game is over. Get out!” and proceeds with what seems to be to shots, from what it looks like a shot gun.

The name of the bar is Ruby Deluxe, a bar catering to LGBTQ people on South Salisbury Street, partly to deter vandals. Let’s show our love and support!

While thing an develop we keep you updated.

Published by Maven Lee

Maven Lee is a writer, entrepreneur, advocate, fitness professional, and motivational speaker. He has several years of entertainment experience as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and poet. Logik is also a legend in the underground ball scene.

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