R&B Singer and The Voice Standout AVERY WILSON officially comes out as Bisexual … he said on His Terms

As you can see via his official Twitter young R&B artist first known to the public stage as a contestant on the hit show NBC’s The Voice has officially came out as Bisexual. Avery appeared on the show 2012. Wilson has had a list of regional hits throughout the East Coast. He is currently signed to RCA Records with Clive Davis.

Over the years Avery Wilson has had many folks speculating and often times assuming they knew his sexual orientation. Of course to some folks this may not be a surprise. But the truth is sometimes it’s nothing better than doing things on your terms, on your time, in your own way.

Congratulations Mr. Wilson and hopefully this adds value to your story and career as an artist and entertainer. We know that there are tons of LGBTQ+ Male artist in R&B, Gospel, and soul Music who feel incapable of coming out so let’s hope you help crack the door for them.

Published by Maven Lee

Maven Lee is a writer, entrepreneur, advocate, fitness professional, and motivational speaker. He has several years of entertainment experience as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and poet. Logik is also a legend in the underground ball scene.

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